Roll Verifier

To verify your rolls, fill out all of the boxes below. All info is required in order to properly check for validity. In order to obtain the UNHASHED seed for your previous bets, you must rotate your seed and click on a previous bet. You will see that the Server Seed box is now visible. The reason a change of seed is required is becauase with the unhashed seed, you are able to calculate every single bet within that seed (existing and future). However, this also means it is not possible for Primedice to "rig" your rolls once you've set your seed without it coming up as invalid in the verifier below.

This verifier runs independent of Primedice and does not require any backend connections with their system to operate, hence there is no possibility that the results below are manipulated or influenced by Primedice in any way. You can verify this by turning off your internet after loading this page and it will still display accurate results. Should you find a discrepancy with the verified results below, please take a screenshot and contact Primedice Support to share your findings.

Set beginning and end nonce to the same number if you are checking a single roll - 0 is the first bet in a seed pair

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